Marscoin blockchain

What is Marscoin blockchain (MARS)?

Marscoin (MARS) uses blockchain technology that aims to allow users to trade cryptocurrency and in the same time funds space projects by providing the initial donation to The Mars Society (1mio of Marscoins) as well as individual donations by space enthusiasts.
The Idea behind the Marscoin is the fact (due to physics) that the distance between Mars and Earth is too distant for having Bitcoin as the main cryptocurrency on both planets as the signal would take too long to come from Mars to Earth, making it very slow and unreliable, which would undermine the original Idea of cryptocurrencies having fast transactions speed and high reliability.
Therefore, the long-term vision for Marscoin is to become the main cryptocurrency for Mars and therefore eliminating the long-distance problem, while having intermediate exchanges for being able to exchange it to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In order to achieve this long-term vision, great efforts, strength and visionaries will be needed.
With the recent huge steps forwards towards Mars by the revolutionary entrepreneur Elon Musk (Also a member of the Mars Society) with his company SpaceX Marscoin vision is multiple steps forward to manifesting its long-term vision into reality. In this way Marscoin will not only provide a solid financial system for Mars, but will also facilitate following functions;
As the long-term Vision depends mostly on SpaceX or possible other space companies and could be realistically decades away, Marscoin operational short and middle term goal is to make Marscoin as useful as possible in the meantime, creating for it use cases for the Mars Desert Research Station based in the Utah Desert, USA, managed since 2001 by The Mars Society. Using the Marscoin Blockchain on site in realistic Mars conditions (Inventory system, payment system, land registry…).
Major breakthrough is expected with the development of the Mars Gaming and Mars Metaverse that is being developt by the J&A Marsian company which vision is to embed Marscoin in Mars games as well as to implement the Marscoin blockchain/cryptocurrency as the financial system for the Mars Metaverse. In this way step by step adding utility and financial importance to Marscoin as well as increasing its value for individual and institutional investors.

History of Marscoin (MARS)

The  Marscoin  network, its first genesis block was launched on January 01, 2014. The  project  was initiated by Lennart Lopin, the founding father of Marscoin and the Marscoin organization. Lennart has a Masters in Computer Science with emphasize on Language processing, AI, Machine Learning with rich experiences in the crypto-blockchain industry. He is also the co-founder of the Florida Blockchain Association and the CTO at the ByteFederal which has more then 400 Cryptocurrency ATM allover the North America.
Apart from Lennart, Marscoin core team is international, having active contributors from all over the world (enthusiasts, developers, designers, marketeers) whereby some of them are also members of the Mars Society, making it as one of the greatest international crypto projects overall.
The roadmap of the platform claims to launch an inventory tracking tool for MARS Desert Research Station in the near future and other related tools prepared for the early Mars settlements called the Martian Republic. The total supply of the Marscoin is 40,000,000 MARS *original supply was 48 mio. , but due to locked wallets, lost or burned coins, the maximum supply has reduced in the last 8 years went down to 40mio*.
Marscoin can be currently purchased on Dex-trade exchanges, whereby in the future more high-end exchanges will be added to increase the trading volume of Marscoin. Marscoin will also be featured in Mars gaming and Mars Metaverse that has already started to be developed by the J&A Marsian company.

How Marscoin (MARS) is created?

Since the platform is the fork of Litecoin, same as in the case of Dogecoin (Actually both coins genesis blocks are just one month apart, making them brother and sister blockchains), Marscoin (MARS) uses proof of work consensus algorithm (Script algorithm) to approve transactions in the blockchain as well as too mine new generated Marscoins.
The mining rewards are distributed among the participants in the form of Marscoins, each block reward consist of 6.25 Marscoins. Mining software includes GPU, CPU and special mining equipment Antminer L7 or the older version L3. The Marscoin Network Hashrate fluctuates between 20 – 60 GH/s.
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The value of the Virtual Asset "Marscoin" is variable [up and/or down], cannot be guaranteed, and can be highly volatile.
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