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Mars gaming - metaverse

J&A Marsian is a startup company founded with the goal to develop Mars related gaming as well as the long-term vision to develop the Mars Metaverse Virtual Reality with its functional economy supported by the Marscoin cryptocurrency - Company goals include:

Our team

Jaka Ažman - Founder and CEO

Mars gaming metaverse
Earning his Masters Degree and MBA on the Faculty of Economics Ljubljana. In his career he managed multiple sales and marketing roles for international companies as for example; Johnson and Johnson, Generali Insurance, then moving into IT and Business process management, whereby leading BI and machine learning projects for a major retail holding Aspiag management ag.
This way he gathered valuable experiences that gave him the whole set of repertoires for being able to manage complex businesses. But there was one catch and that is his openness and boldness to try new revolutionary things that is impossible to pursue in corporate settings!
Being also an early adopter of Bitcoin in 2012 "whereby he lost all of it in a hacker attack" and Dogecoin holder since 2013, he decided to find the next altcoin with solid fundamentals, great team and a higher vision to co-create with his entrepreneurial spirit!
And this was the start of his journey with the Marscoin organization that motivated him to found his company J&A Marsian that will create further on the Marscoin Ecosystem, while developing the Mars gaming and virtual reality segments in the shape of Mars Metaverse.

Žiga Krmelj - Chief Developer

Žiga Krmelj, mars metaverse
CEO of BOOLit Game Studio, indie game developer, designer, 2D/3D artist and animator. Having all-round experiences developing mobile games using game engine Unity, providing end to end solutions. Enthusiastic about the first Mars gaming development "Marscoin the Game" and the future development of Mars Metaverse as this represents the future of gaming-virtual reality industry.
Enjoying life concerts, anytime ready for the Imagine Dragons concert...Quite a serious person, but you know, if you make me smile you get a friend or colleague for life.

Rihard Novačan - Senior Developer

Rihard Novačan, mars metaverse
Rihard is a senior software developer with experience in web technologies. Always working hard to find and fix bugs and sometimes in the process also creates some very interesting new ones. Favorite languages are JavaScript, TypeScript and also C#. Sci-fi nerd and gaming geek, child of the 80s, who also enjoys walks in nature and reading. Enthusiastic about his work on the Mars gaming segment and the Metaverse future development. He likes to share with anybody willing to listen, that he loves blockchain technology as the future of recording transactions and tracking assets.

Lennart Lopin - Senior Advisor

Lennart Lopin, mars metaverse
Lennart holds Masters in Computer Science with emphasis on Language processing, AI, Machine Learning. Senior Software Engineer. Born in North-Eastern Germany, grew up in Vienna, Austria, and currently lives in Sarasota, Florida. First love was science, in particular Astrophysics.
Graduated from Rostock and Goettingen university in Germany in 2003 with a master’s degree in Computer Science and a specialization in Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence. Thesis focused on automated text-analysis and summarization. In 2005 designed a chatbot “Prelude” and won an international championship in the category of best self-learning system. Spent vast amounts of time on various private and public software projects.
Discovered Bitcoin in 2011 and has been involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem ever since, including the creation of the cryptocurrency project “Marscoin”, automated loan application processing platform “Standard and Riches” and cryptocurrency trading software “BitcoinMetaTrader”. In 2018 co-founded the Florida Blockchain Association, an industry specific alliance of businesses promoting blockchain technologies in Florida.
It is a special honour for J&A Marsian for having Lennart on board as the Senior Advisor with his rich and broad experiences from the software crypto related development and business in the role of CTO ByteFederal, combined with his open-mindedness to new and exciting Ideas as Mars gaming and Mars Metaverse for sure are. Not to forget his greatest assets, for being an entrepreneur and an inspirational leader to all of us.

James Burk - Senior Advisor

Mars gaming metaverse
James is the Executive Director of the Mars Society, the world’s largest space advocacy organization dedicated to sending human explorers to the planet Mars. A former Microsoft engineer and technical project manager, James leads the fundraising and program development activities of the organization. He also leads the Mars Virtual Reality (MarsVR) project which creates immersive experiences using the latest technologies to tell the story of human Mars exploration in a new way. He is based in Seattle, Washington.
It is a special honour for J&A Marsian for having James on board as the Senior Advisor, having excellent project management skills and IT industry knowledge as well as outstanding leadership qualities needed to take on a role as The Mars Society Executive Director. His contribution to the Mars gaming and Mars Metaverse is priceless, especially for the continuing development, where Mars realistic data and scientific support will be needed.


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