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Mars gaming

J&A Marsian is a startup company founded with the goal to develop Mars related gaming as well as the long-term vision to develop the Mars AI Simulation Virtual Reality with its functional economy supported by the Marscoin cryptocurrency - Company goals include:

Our team

Jaka Ažman - Founder and CEO

Mars gaming metaverse
Whatever you want to achieve, visionalize it and work progressively towards it with passion and determination!

Žiga Krmelj - Chief Developer

Žiga Krmelj, mars metaverse
The power of a true developer lies in harnessing his introvert energy!

Mark Džamastagić - Senior Designer/Developer

Mark Džamastagić, mars metaverse
The real magic is behind great concepts and behind great concepts there is always someone who does the designers job.

Andreas Mezei - Digital Marketing

Andreas Mezei, mars metaverse
There is only one fatal mistake you can make while running your business..... you just forgot to do your Marketing right!

Pavlo Poltoratskyi - Developing Partner, CEO at EJAW

Pavlo Poltoratskyi, mars metaverse
There are absolute no limits to what it can be developt, especially with a clear vision and a great team!

Lennart Lopin - Senior Advisor / Founder and CTO ByteFederal

Lennart Lopin, mars metaverse
Create something meaningfull, that will test your limits!

James Burk - Senior Advisor / Executive Director of The Mars Society

James Burk, mars metaverse
Whatever you want to do, do it with a positive energy and courage!


J&A Marsian
Ribenska 1d
4260 Bled
tel. +386 40 677 987